New York is an exiting city

It is difficult to make photoes of the sky scrabers

Chestakhovka Mother of God from Poland has always been dear to me

American trucks really impressed me

Flowers are always beautiful

A grand piano and the pianist above all in Central Park

Guggenheim Museum hosted an exebition of Vasili Kandinskyi

Walk up-hill in Guggenheim

--- and of course Metropolitan Art Museum - it is BIG

Chrysler Building is elegant

NY Central Station is beautiful

Ice stating at Rockefeller Center

Liberty Island

Rain - rain - rain when we visited Liberty and Ellis Island. E.I. is very impressive

Lunchtime at Ellis Island - Yuri and his daughter Anastasia

Yulia at Liberty Island

Yulia and Yuri´s daughters (from left) Maria Anastasia and Tatiana

Sunday morning at Liturgy

--- and Sunday School with Maia and Elia

Masha, Nastia, Tania

The church wit Katia´s mosaics

and more mosaics

Pugachev family

The beautiful dogs

Metropolitan Opera House, NY - the biggest opera house in the world


Chandellier, Metropolitan


Teatro alla Scala, Milan, the second biggets opera house in hte world

Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Chandellier, Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Bolshoi Teatr, Moscow - the third biggest operahouse in the world

Bolshoi Theater in Moskva is closed for repair

Chandellier in Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

Bolshoi, Moskva

Good Bye to NY

--- and hello to Ann Arbor dressed in Indian Summer - here the Huron River

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Amateur Orchestra

Farmers Market, Ann Arbor

Farmers Market

It was cold at Farmers Market, Bill Anderson & John Wilhelm

I visited John Wilhelm

St. Vladimirs Orthodox Church, Ann Arbo

St. Vladimirs Orthodox Church, Ann Arbor

I stayed at Betty and Bill Andersons place duringthe first week in Ann Arbor

--- then I moved to Jan and Gerry Leckrone

Linda Speck was my chauffeur - here with her professor (right) of Russian language

---here Jans father, 101 years old and Gerrys mother 94 years old

---great grand parents together with great grand children, PJ and William

Jan and Gerry´s eldest grandson, PJ (Paul Jackson)

Leckrone´s 16 year old cat

Sara and her brother Ben

---and their parents Nancy and Rick

John Wilhelm talking to a member of Zion Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor at the Sunday Service

Zion Lutheran Church

Zion Lutheran Church

I spend the last few days in Cleveland, Ohio, where ---

--- I spend the last days with Jan (right) and met with her twin sister Joy

I went to Cleveland Art Museum

--- where I saw el Greco

-- Monet

-- and went to the Rock ´n Roll Museum

It was still blue sky

--- and Indian Summer

---and warm

-- when I said "see you again" to Dave and Jan - and America

Leaving Cleveland

Close to JFK Airport, NY

Thanks to all who visited this page. More than 16.000 times during the last three years this page has been seen.
I visited US three years ago in October & 
November 2009.
It was such a great event and I often think about all the wonderful people I met and everybody´s great hospitality.
As this page still have interest I will keep my pictures for some more time.
Three years ago I promised more photoes but I never made them - I was too busy helping the poor, ill and suffering people in Moscow.
But as this page is so popular I will do my best to up-date with pictures.
I would like to know why and what is interesting at this page.
Please, write your comment in the white box below. In the big box you write your comment, below left your name, below right your mail address.
I am looking forward to read your comment.
Thanks for your attention.

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