Thanks to all who visited this page. More than 16.000 times during the last three years this page has been seen.
I visited US three years ago in October & 
November 2009.
It was such a great event and I often think about all the wonderful people I met and everybody´s great hospitality.
As this page still have interest I will keep my pictures for some more time.
Three years ago I promised more photoes but I never made them - I was too busy helping the poor, ill and suffering people in Moscow.
But as this page is so popular I will do my best to up-date with pictures.
I would like to know why and what is interesting at this page.
Please, write your comment in the white box below. In the big box you write your comment, below left your name, below right your mail address.
I am looking forward to read your comment.
Thanks for your attention.

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11.12 | 10:08

Hi ,

Greetings & blessings from Multan Pakistan!
Dear my name is Lamuel Sadiq. We are running school and our vision no change without education. Our vision is to serve poor Christian community in Pakistan. Our Christian community is poor and neglected h

27.11 | 03:17
Dagmar school/skole har modtaget 1
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